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  • Sawasdee - April 3, 2020

    Speculators should take profit at resistances of 1,150 and 1,164, and should not hold over the weekend to reduce risk

    Market outlook & strategy
    The SET is expected to go up at the opening bell, lifted by oil-related stocks as they rise in line with global crude price on hopes for talks between Russia and Saudi Arabia to cut production. The SET could reach resistances at 1,150 and 1,164 where we recommend investors take profit, avoiding holding stocks over the weekend or a day. Supports are 1,123 and 1,113. Breaking below the supports indicates the end of a bounce.
    Industry analysis
    Bank – Headwinds will begin to hit in 1Q20F
    Food – Healthy livestock prices in 1Q20


Morning Voice - April 3, 2020

Word focus

Dividend yield The dividend yield is the total yearly payments divided by the principal value of the preferred share