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  • Sawasdee – July 29, 2021

    Thailand’s rampant COVID-19 is pressuring the market heavily. Recovery is weak

    Market outlook & strategy
    The FOMC decided to keep interest rates unchanged but continued daily new highs for new COVID-19 cases will continue to derail the market. We assign resistances at 1,545 and 1,555; supports at 1,530 and 1,520. Tactically, we urge investors to begin accumulating when the market moves around 1,500. Buying must be selective and speculation should be cautious.

    Industry analysis
    Petrochemicals – Aromatics continued to perform
    Tourism – COVID-19 putting the brakes on recovery
    Company analysis
    HMPRO – 2Q21: In line with market estimates – Outperform
    SCGP – 2Q21: Beat estimates on sales – Outperform


Morning Voice - July 29, 2021

Word focus

Dividend yield The dividend yield is the total yearly payments divided by the principal value of the preferred share