Today's Report

  • Sawasdee - May 24, 2019

    May fall to test 1,600

    Market outlook
    Uncertainties both internal and external will pull the market down today and we suggest reducing portfolio size in order to reduce risk. Having said that, we do see 1.600 as a fair valuation. Supports are at 1,600 and 1,590. Resistances are 1,614 and 1,618

    Market strategy
    We recommend TOP, IRPC, IVL on sharp falls in prices against good earnings outlook for 2Q19. Speculate in contractors who benefit from progress in politics: CK, SEAFCO and STEC and leasing companies that benefit from no rate hike or a rate cut: AEONTS, TISCO and in IFFs & REITs. Today’s technical picks: WHA and BEM. 
    Company analysis
    WHA – Earnings stepping up QoQ – Buy  


Morning Voice - May 23, 2019

Word focus

Dividend yield The dividend yield is the total yearly payments divided by the principal value of the preferred share