Today's Report

  • Sawasdee - November 20, 2019

    Testing 1,600 for the fourth time this year

    Market outlook
    US-China trade concerns clouded stock markets again after Trump threatened to levy higher tariffs on Chinese goods in mid-Dec if there is no deal on trade. Foreign investors net shorted SET50 index futures and single stock futures yesterday, leading us to expect them to move out steadily. We see support at 1,592-1,600. 1,600 is a very strong support, able to uphold the market three times already this year. We see resistance as limited at 1,610-1,615, so the SET is expected to move between 1,600-1,620.
    Market strategy
    Selective buy in stocks with good earnings outlook and individual catalysts: BCH, BJC, BTS, SAWAD. Today’s picks: GPSC, MEGA.
    Industry analysis
    Petrochemicals  – Product spread still narrowing
    Company analysis
    BTS – Waiting for the green light – Buy
    CHG – New hospitals ramping up – Buy
    SCCC – Growth led by operations in Thailand – Buy


Morning Voice - November 19, 2019

Word focus

Dividend yield The dividend yield is the total yearly payments divided by the principal value of the preferred share