Today's Report

  • Sawasdee – January 26, 2022

    To move sideways, waiting for FOMC report

    Market outlook & strategy
    The SET is expected to move sideways as it waits for FOMC meeting results in fear of a negative surprise, such as more than three rate hikes this year and/or larger QE tapering and/or sooner and larger QT. These will determine the market mood tomorrow. Breaking the resistance of 1,648 is a recovery sign. Tactically, we suggest buy selectively or speculate cautiously. For the core portfolio, we recommend taking the sidelines.

    Industry analysis
    Petrochemicals – Product prices starting to pick up
    Company analysis
    KKP – Attractive valuation with moderate recovery – Outperform 
    PTTGC – Lower margin QoQ to hit 4Q21F – Downgrade to Neutral 
    SCGP – 4Q21: Above estimates on extra gains – Outperform 


Morning Voice - January 26, 2022

Word focus

Dividend yield The dividend yield is the total yearly payments divided by the principal value of the preferred share