Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CPF)

27/08/2019 Company update: "Keeping on the growth path" - Buy (TP Bt35)
14/08/2019 Earnings brief: "2Q19: Beats estimates on solid margin" -   Buy (TP Bt34)
08/07/2019 Company update: " Local livestock to support 2Q19F core profit" -  Buy (TP Bt34)
16/05/2019 Company update: "Cautious on 2Q19F on ASF outbreak in Vietnam" -  Buy (TP Bt32)
13/05/2019 Earnings brief: "1Q19: Good margin pulls it far above estimates" -  Buy (TP Bt32)
23/04/2019 Company update: "Investing in pork business in Canada" -  Buy (TP Bt32)
12/04/2019 Company update: "Solid 1Q19F from revived livestock segment" -  Buy (TP Bt32)
21/02/2019 Earnings brief: "4Q18: Miss on extra item, solid core profit" - Buy (TP Bt32)
17/01/2019 Company update: "Sector's best core earnings growth in 4Q18F" - Buy (TP Bt32)
16/11/2018 Company update: "Improvement on the way" - Buy (TP Bt32)
15/11/2018 Earnings brief: "3Q18: Net profit in line, robust core profit" - Buy (TP Bt32)
18/10/2018 Company update: "Sector's best core earnings growth in 3Q18F" - Buy (TP Bt32)
21/08/2018 Company update: "Brighter outlook in 2H18" - Buy (TP Bt32)
14/08/2018 Earnings brief: "2Q18: Beat on extra gains; core profit in line" - Buy (TP Bt32)
09/07/2018 Company update: "Swine reviving operations in 2Q18F" - Buy (TP Bt32)
07/06/2018 Company update: "A proxy for improving swine price" - Buy (TP Bt32)
16/05/2018 Company update: "Climbing back up from 2Q18" - Buy (TP Bt32)
15/05/2018 Earnings brief: "1Q18: Beat on extra gains and low SG&A" - Buy (TP Bt32)
20/04/2018 Company update: "1Q18F to be bottom" - Buy (TP Bt32)
27/02/2018 Earnings brief: "4Q17: Above estimates on extra items" - Buy (TP Bt32)
25/01/2018 Company update: "No joy in 4Q17F but 2018 will be better" - Buy (TP Bt32)