Economic news (From SCB EIC)

16/08/2021 SCB Flash – Thai Q2/2021 GDP accelerated by 7.5% from the low-base effect in addition to the strong merchandise export recovery and government stimulus. However, domestic private demand entered a recession following a 2 consecutive quarters contraction ...
05/08/2021 SCB Flash  – EIC sees higher chance of a policy rate cut this year after the MPC voted to hold the rate in split vote
23/07/2021 SCB Flash – Exports accelerated in June following increasing global trade momentum and the low-base effect. Going forward, exports should continue to expand, though surmounting risks warrant monitoring
08/07/2021 SCB Note – Thailand's household debt surged to a historic high in Q1/2021. Looking ahead, EIC expects the Thai economy to face a 'Debt Overhang' problem, which could slow recovery in household spending
24/06/2021 SCB Flash – Exports surged in May on low-base effect. EIC anticipates continual export growth momentum. However, effects from the latest COVID-19 outbreak in many countries, particularly ASEAN, warrant monitoring
23/06/2021 SCB Flash –  The BOT’s MPC signaled a slower and uneven economic recovery due to the third-wave outbreak. EIC expects inflation to stay within target and the BOT’s MPC to keep policy rate steady at 0.5% through this year and next year
16/06/2021 SCB Outlook - EIC Outlook Quarter 2/2021
25/05/2021 SCB Flash – Exports in April continued to bolster. Despite support from the low-base effect, signs of sound and distributed recovery continued to emerge. Thus, EIC revises up the 2021 export forecast to 13-15%
17/05/2021 SCB Flash – Thai Q1/2021 GDP shrank by -2.6%, improving from the previous quarter following strong merchandise export recovery. However, private consumption returned to a contraction from the second wave COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand
05/05/2021 SCB Flash – EIC expects MPC to keep policy rate on hold through 2021 despite the Thai economy slowing down further from the third wave of the COVID-19 outbreak
29/04/2021 SCB Flash – Promising export recovery in March following better global economic conditions. In 2021, EIC anticipates a higher-than-expected export growth within the range of 7-9%, up from the previous estimation of 6.4%
09/04/2021 SCB Outlook - EIC Outlook Quarter 1/2021
25/03/2021 SCB Flash – Exports (excluding gold) in February 2021 recovered as anticipated, marking a 3 consecutive months growth. Going forward, exports should continue to improve in line with global economic conditions
24/03/2021 SCB Flash – EIC expects a steady policy rate at 0.5% throughout 2021, but sees a possibility of additional government bond purchase by the BOT if financial conditions continue to tighten
04/03/2021 SCB Note –  EIC’s Outlook on the US New Stimulus and its Implication on Economic and Financial Conditions
23/02/2021 SCB Flash – EIC anticipates robust export recovery. In 2021, export growth should expand in the range of 6-8%, increasing from the previous forecast of 4%
15/02/2021 SCB Flash – Thai Q4/20 GDP saw a lower-than-expected contractiondue to improving private consumption conditions following government stimulus boost, in addition to export and inventory growth
03/02/2021 SCB Flash –  EIC expects a steady policy rate at 0.5% throughout 2021
27/01/2021 SCB Note – EIC cuts Thai economic forecast for 2021 to 2.2% as the COVID-19 outbreak resurfaced in various countries, including Thailand
22/01/2021 SCB Flash – Export growth better-than-expected in December 2020. However, amid the second wave of COVID-19 infections, exports could fall below previously forecasted levels in 2021
11/01/2021 SCB Outlook - EIC Outlook Quarter  4 /2020
06/01/2021 SCB Flash  – Exports fell by a slower rate of -3.6%YOY in November from the support of the low-base effect in the prior year