Economic news (From SCB EIC)

24/08/2020 SCB Flash  – Exports dropped at a slower pace in July. Such improving conditions suggested that exports have bottomed-out, though with numerous challenges ahead
17/08/2020 SCB Flash  – Thai Q2/20 GDP sees the deepest contraction in 22 years at -12.2%YOY. Going forward, EIC expects that the pace of Thai economic recovery will be gradual, with various downside risks
14/08/2020 SCB Flash  – EIC expected MPC to maintain policy rate at 0.5% through 2020
24/07/2020 SCB Flash – Exports (excluding gold) fell by a slower pace in June compared to the previous month. Such improving conditions suggested a gradual recovery in global trade
14/07/2020 SCB Outlook - EIC Outlook Quarter 2/2020
25/06/2020 SCB Flash – EIC evaluates that exports in May contracted considerably following the lockdown imposed in various countries. However, going forward, exports should slowly recover
24/06/2020 SCB Flash  –  EIC expects MPC to keep rate on hold at 0.5% through 2020
02/06/2020 SCB Note  – COVID-19 increased global demand for medical glove. EIC indicates that Malaysia gains more from export than Thailand
22/05/2020 SCB Flash  - EIC evaluates that the export growth in April 2020 was driven by surging gold and weaponry shipments. Excluding such items, exports tumbled by -13.4%YOY, reflecting the increasingly severe impacts from COVID-19
20/05/2020 SCB Flash  - EIC expects the MPC to keep rate steady for the rest of the year after having slashed the rate to 0.5%
18/05/2020 SCB Flash  - EIC evaluates that the Thai economy has already entered a recession with the deepest contraction in Q2/20, before gradually improving
23/04/2020 SCB Note – Beating COVID-19: Strategies for Food Waste Management in Restaurants
21/04/2020 SCB Note – EIC evaluates that the 2020 crisis will have a widespread impact on labor, potentially prompting historic high unemployment levels and exacerbating household vulnerability
27/03/2020 SCB Flash - EIC sees no recovery sign in February 2020 exports. The harsh and prolonged COVID-19 pandemic will force 2020 exports below previously anticipated growth
03/03/2020 SCB Note - EIC evaluates that the 2020 drought could extend to June with severe impacts on sugarcane, off-season rice, and cassava
17/02/2020 SCB Flash  -  GDP Q4/19 merely grew by 1.6%, marking the lowest in 21 consecutive quarters. EIC cuts 2020 GDP forecast to 1.8% from the previous 2.1%
11/02/2020 SCB Note - EIC recommends uplifting Thailand’s agricultural sector with Agritech
06/02/2020 SCB Note - EIC sees baht continuing to face appreciation pressures, revising its 2020 year-end forecast downward to 29.5-30.5 baht per USD
05/02/2020 SCB Outlook - EIC Outlook Quarter 1/2020
07/01/2020 SCB Note - Mixed-use projects ... bringing both opportunities and risks to the commercial real estate rental industry