Economic news (From SCB EIC) 2019

29/11/2019 SCB Note - Thailand’s financial conditions tightened despite the recent MPC rate cuts
26/11/2019 SCB Flash - Exports in October decelerated to -4.5%YOY. EIC maintains export growth forecast at -2.5% for 2019, while 2020 should see merely a 0.2% growth
18/11/2019 SCB Flash - Thailand’s GDP merely grew by 2.4%YOY in Q3/2019. EIC cuts 2019 GDP forecast to 2.5% but still maintains 2020 forecast at 2.8%, though with increasing downside risks
11/11/2019 SCB Flash - EIC views that the transfer and mortgage fee cut will have a limited impact on the housing market recovery
07/11/2019 SCB Flash  - EIC expects MPC to hold policy rate steady at 1.25% for the remainder of this year
04/11/2019 SCB Note - EIC views that GSP privilege cuts will hurt export products with high GSP dependency, though impact on overall exports remains limited
21/10/2019 SCB Flash - EIC views decelerated contraction of export in September originates from the low base. Export growth forecast for 2019 is maintained at -2.5%
09/10/2019 SCB Flash - The MPC voted to hold interest rates as expected, though an additional cut could occur in 2019
20/09/2019 SCB Flash - Exports in August returned to -4.0%YOY contraction. EIC expects 2019 export growth to drop below forecasted -2.0%
18/09/2019 SCB Note – How the spectrum price affects 5G development in Thailand?
04/09/2019 SCB Note – Smart industrial estate … uplifting economic and social fundamentals?
30/08/2019 SCB Note - Electric vehicle...turns an oil business challenge into opportunities
29/08/2019 SCB Flash - Thailand’s economy grew with slower pace at 2.3%YOY in 2019Q2. Government Economic Stimulus Packages, approved tomorrow (August 20, 2019), need to be monitored
19/08/2019 SCB Flash - EIC expects another rate cut this year
31/07/2019 SCB Outlook - Outlook Quarter 3/2019
31/07/2019 SCB Note  - Bio-industry … a way forward for sustainable cane and sugar development
25/07/2019 SCB Note - Restaurant business…is it still worth investing?
23/07/2019 SCB Flash - MPC kept the rate on hold and revised down its growth forecasts. EIC expects steady rate throughout the year
18/07/2019 SCB Note - Cross-Border Logistics to Vietnam…A Golden Opportunity should not be missed!!
11/07/2019 SCB Note  - Is the J-curve effect coming back?
21/06/2019 SCB Flash  - Thai exports in May continued to contract by -5.8%YOY. Closer look at escalated trade
17/06/2019 SCB Flash  - Newly appointed prime minister receded political uncertainty, though challenges lie ahead
23/05/2019 SCB Flash - Thai exports in April continued to contract by -2.6%YOY. EIC revises down 2019 exports forecast to 0.6%
21/05/2019 SCB Flash  - Thailand’s growth dipped to 2.8%YOY in Q1/2019, while EIC cut this year’s growth forecast to 3.3%
16/05/2019 SCB Note  - US-China Trade war heats up once again with both sides raising 25% import tariffs on each other, risking further slowdown in global trade and Thai exports
15/05/2019 SCB Flash  - MPC kept policy rate unchanged amidst downward revision in private investment
10/05/2019 SCB Flash  - First-home stimulus measure may have limited impact on Thailand’s housing market
08/05/2019 SCB Outlook - Outlook Quarter 2/2019
22/04/2019 SCB Flash  - Thai exports in March continued to contract with no signs of recovery
19/04/2019 SCB Note - The future of digital TV after NBTC granted license exit opportunity
19/04/2019 SCB Flash - IMF cut global GDP in 2019 to 3.3%, warning of a higher risk to growth
18/04/2019 SCB Note - Challenges and opportunities for businesses under the measure to reduce plastic use
12/04/2019 SCB Flash - Headline inflation climbed to 1.24% in March 2019, following raw food and crude oil price increments
09/04/2019 SCB Note - An inside look at the M&E industry - growth drivers and trajectory in 2019
03/04/2019 SCB Flash - The MPC kept policy rate unchanged but cut projection for this year's economic growth to 3.8%, reducing the chance of a rate hike this year
03/04/2019 SCB Flash  - The Fed put the rate on hold as expected and signaled to hold rates steady for the whole year
03/04/2019 SCB Note - China Cuts 2019 GDP Growth Target to 6.0-6.5%, Focusing on All-Round Economic Stimulus and Trade Negotiation with the US
25/03/2019 SCB Note -Thai exports in February expanded by 5.9% from one-time shipments of arms and military
19/03/2019 SCB Note - Navigating thru China’s cross-border e-commerce: How Thai SMEs collaboration can win over Chinese hearts?
01/03/2019 SCB Flash - Headline inflation surged to 0.73% in February 2019 as raw food prices accelerated
22/02/2019 SCB Flash -Thai exports in January continued to drop by -5.7%YOY
21/02/2019 SCB Flash -Thai economic growth in Q4/2018 had an accelerated growth of 3.7%YOY, prompting EIC to expect an annual growth for 2019 at 3.8%
21/02/2019 SCB Note - Cold chain logistics: Which area of services will thrive?
20/02/2019 SCB Flash - As Thai economy remained on a rise while inflation may decrease, MPC keeps policy rate at 1.75%
12/02/2019 SCB Flash - Headline inflation recorded 0.27% in January 2019, the lowest rate in 18 months.
31/01/2019 SCB Note - Is Thai System integrator ready for the era of digital and AI in manufacturing?
28/01/2019 SCB Flash - IMF revised down global GDP in 2019-2020 due to economic slowdown and heightened risks
25/01/2019 SCB Outlook - Outlook Quarter 1/2019