ESSO (Thailand) PLC (ESSO)

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12/11/2021 Earnings brief: "3Q21: Disappointing profit plunge" – Underperform (TP Bt7.9)
13/08/2021 Earnings brief: "2Q21: Stock gain still the key profit driver" – Underperform (TP Bt7.9)
14/05/2021 Earnings brief: "1Q21: Profit surge driven by stock gains" – Underperform (TP Bt7.3)
24/02/2021 Earnings brief: "4Q20: weaker QoQ on lower margin" – Underperform (TP Bt7.3)
13/11/2020 Earnings brief: "3Q20: Stock gain pushed up earnings" – Underperform (TP Bt5.1)
13/08/2020 Earnings brief: "2Q20: Still in the red but better QoQ" – Sell (TP Bt5.1)
14/05/2020 Earnings brief: "1Q20: Worst net loss in a decade" – Downgrade to Sell (TP Bt4.4)
02/03/2020 Earnings Brief: "4Q19: Worse than estimates; cut TP" - Buy (TP Bt7.50)