SCBS Quarterly Outlook

17/09/2019 SCBS Market Strategy 4Q19 – Make hay while the sun shines
17/06/2019 SCBS Market Strategy 3Q19 – Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
26/03/2019 SCBS Market Strategy 2Q19 - All that glitters is not gold
30/11/2018 SCBS Market Strategy 1Q19 - Taking off
28/09/2018 SCBS 4Q18 outlook - Banking on investments
20/06/2018 SCBS 3Q18 Outlook - Riding the rate reversals
22/03/2018 SCBS 2Q18 Outlook - Next in line
29/11/2017 SCBS 1Q18 Outlook - Firing on all cylinders