P.C.S. Machine Group Holding PLC (PCSGH)

16/11/2021 Earnings brief: "3Q21: Net profit growth from extra items" – Underperform (TP Bt4.2)
11/08/2021 Earnings brief : "2Q21: Net profit growth both YoY and QoQ" –  Underperform (TP Bt4.2)
18/05/2021 Earnings brief: "1Q21: Strong quarter" – Underperform (TP Bt4.2)
17/02/2021 Earnings brief: "4Q20: Earnings showed improvement" – Underperform (TP Bt4)
11/08/2020 Earnings brief: "2Q20: In the red from plummeting sales" – Sell (TP Bt4)
13/05/2020 Earnings brief: "1Q20: Profit driven by FX, core earnings weak" – Sell (TP Bt4)