PTT Exploration & Production PLC (PTTEP) 2020-21

02/12/2021 Company update: "Optimism seen in its new 5-year plan" –  Outperform (TP Bt159)
29/10/2021 Earnings brief: "3Q21: Stronger profit as expected" –  Outperform (TP Bt159)
07/10/2021 Company update: "Profit to remain solid in 3Q21F" – Outperform (TP Bt159)
30/07/2021 Earnings brief: "2Q21: Missed on hedging losses, lower ASP" – Outperform (TP Bt159)
06/07/2021 Company update: "Oil price to drive recurring profit up in 2Q21F" – Outperform (TP Bt159)
29/04/2021 Earnings brief: "1Q21: Above expectation on extra items" – Outperform (TP Bt156)
07/04/2021 Company update: "Strong 1Q21F profit expected" – Outperform (TP Bt156)
02/02/2021 Company update: "Adding more assets in ME" – Outperform (TP Bt147)
29/01/2021 Earnings brief: "4Q20: Hit by impairment" – Outperform (TP Bt147)
14/01/2021 Company update: "TP raised on higher oil price trend" – Outperform (TP Bt147)
04/12/2020 Company update: "Minimal impact from new capex plan" – Outperform (TP Bt114)
30/10/2020 Earnings brief: "3Q20: Operations in line, net profit beats" – Outperform (TP Bt114)
14/10/2020 Company update: "Expect better 3Q20F QoQ expected" – Outperform (TP Bt114)
31/07/2020 Earnings brief: "2Q20: Missed estimates on extra losses" – Buy (TP Bt114)
09/07/2020 Company update: "Oil price assumption upped; upgrade to BUY" –  Buy  (TP Bt 114)
11/05/2020 Company update: "Impact of oil price collapse in check" – Neutral (TP Bt90)
05/05/2020 Earnings brief: "1Q20: Profit lower, but above estimates" - Neutral (TP Bt90)
14/04/2020 Company update: "Hit from oil price collapse still small in 1Q20F" - Neutral (TP Bt94)
10/03/2020 Company update: "Price war leads to forecast, TP cut " -  Buy (TP Bt94)
12/02/2020 Company update: "2020F: More project executions" - Buy (TP Bt164)
31/01/2020 Earnings brief: "4Q19: Strong profit was expected" - Buy (TP Bt164)
17/01/2020 Company update: "Looks like a solid 4Q19F; ETR still tempting" - Buy (TP Bt164)