Supalai PLC (SPALI)

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11/08/2021 Earnings brief: "2Q21: Beat by 15% with impressive growth" – Outperform (TP Bt27)
23/07/2021 Company update: "Up both YoY and QoQ in 2Q21F" – Outperform (TP Bt27)
12/05/2021 Earnings brief: "1Q21: Earnings missed forecast" – Outperform (TP Bt27)
28/04/2021 Company update: "Up YoY but down QoQ in 1Q21" – Outperform (TP Bt27)
24/02/2021 Earnings brief: "2020: Earnings in line with expectations" – Outperform (TP Bt27)
01/02/2021 Company update: "Expect new earnings high in 2021" – Outperform (TP Bt27)
11/01/2021 Company update: "Outstanding growth among peers" – Outperform (TP Bt25)
09/12/2020 Company update: "High backlog leads to upgrade" – Outperform (TP Bt21.50 )
11/11/2020 Earnings brief: "3Q20: In line" – Outperform (TP Bt19.2)
30/10/2020 Company update: "Outstanding 2021" – Outperform (TP Bt19.2)
30/09/2020 Company update: "Stronger 2H20" – Outperform (TP Bt19.2)
05/05/2020 Company update: "Slow 1Q20F, but quick recovery post COVID-19" - Buy (TP Bt18.5)
27/02/2020 Earnings brief: "2019: Hit by fewer transfers, lower equity income" - Buy (TP Bt20)
21/01/2020 Company update: "Conservative guidance for 2020" - Buy (TP Bt20)